Our methos in one word: PULL

Our methos in one word: PULL

You find it written on our website, we tell company’s visitors about it, we present it to potential partners. It is Venature’s Pull System®, the method we have chosen to identify our work management system, which over the past few years we have fine-tuned and tailored to our needs. This is why it incorporates our name.

What is Venature’s Pull System®?

We would rather start from what Venature’s Pull System® is not. It is not push type production, a definition of which may be useful to understand our working method. The push type approach is based on the concept of “make to stock”, according to which materials are manufactured and stocked on the basis of their forecast usage. With pull type production, on the other hand, the company schedules production according to the actual orders received from customers and refurbishes stocks only after they are used up and depending on the downstream production capacity. Moreover, the stock size is defined in advance and the general work flow is driven by the customer who is at the centre of the entire process.

Why we prefer the pull type approach

We have three good reasons and, all together, they define the essence of our identity. The pull type approach makes our company:

  1. Sustainable
    it helps reduce waste as overproduction and resources are saved;
  2. Structured
    working according to the pull logic helps considerably reduce the time spent on unnecessary actions and processes. This way we are better organized and structured;
  3. Punctual
    delays and waiting times disappear when everything along the process is well organized. Time is precious and we do not want to waste it.

If you are wondering how our system can positively affect your business, do not hesitate to contact us for an accurate and targeted analysis. We can offer you a free consultancy to investigate your purchasing needs and match them with the solutions we can work out for you.


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