Why we believe in FSC® certification

Why we believe in FSC® certification

Sustainability can be achieved by a company through many concrete choices. It is essential with our actions to always take paths that are directed towards a reduction of environmental impact. This is a key element, and we have committed to making it real from the very first step in wood processing: the selection of the raw material. The last green element that has joined our company is therefore the FSC certification, which guarantees that the wood used comes from forests where very strict environmental, social and economic standards are respected. Venature’s name now appears on the list of FSC certified companies.

Why we made this choice

We saw it as an investment for everyone: for those who choose to work with us, for the environment, for our company. Being a certified company means having a transparent, direct, fair and sustainable supply chain. FSC certification is an internationally recognized protocol which guarantees that products come from responsibly managed forests, thus ensuring environmental, social and economic benefits. In order to provide the final consumer with this guarantee, it is necessary to rely on a partner who is in line with this policy from the first step of the supply chain, i.e. the purchase of certified raw materials.

How did we get FSC certification?

When we started the journey to achieve FSC certification, we knew it would have been a long path, but we saw it as an added value and a guarantee of reliability. Here below we will tell you more about this long journey, step by step.

  1. We provided our corporate data
    The certification body collected the input, movement, and output data of the material flows, in order to identify all the company areas involved in the management of the certified product and any critical points.
  2. All the information collected was compiled into a manual 
    A Certified Product Traceability Manual was drawn up in accordance with the provisions of the standard.
  3. Operating Instructions were prepared for the different operating departments
    The operating methods were standardized for the different company departments, to avoid any cross-contamination between certified and non-certified materials in the different process steps.
  4. Staff were trained about the traceability system which underwent a final check
    Once the Certified Product Traceability system (CoC) was successfully implemented, all staff involved were trained about it, so as to ensure the functionality of each step.
  5. A check on maintenance of the CoC is scheduled annually
    To ensure compliance under the two standards, an external check on the maintenance of the implemented CoC will be carried out every year.

What it means to choose an FSC certified partner

Choosing to rely on a company that employs FSC-certified raw material results in many added values. The first one is the credibility of FSC, an independent organization that allows anyone who cares about sustainable forest management to become a member. The second one is that you automatically choose to protect the environment: FSC’s forest management standards include protection of water quality, prohibit the cutting of old-growth forests, prevent the loss of natural forest cover, and prohibit the use of highly toxic chemicals. Finally, access to markets becomes easier, as this certification is often required by governments and public administrations. FSC certification has also recently been recognized by the LEED protocol, allowing it to gain a credit in the rating of energy efficiency and carbon footprint of buildings.