Electrostatic Painting: A Boost Towards Efficiency and Waste Reduction

This article explores the benefits of electrostatic painting, an advanced technique that optimizes waste reduction and enhances production quality. Read how we spared 30% of painting waste thanks to electrostatic painting.

What is “Zero Waste” and how we leverge it

THE MEANING OF ‘ZERO WASTE’ Zero waste, zero rubbish, exceptional sustainability. This reduces the principle of living with…

Is wood the raw material of the future?

This was the first question we asked ourselves when we decided to redesign our future a few years…

Why we believe in FSC® certification

Sustainability can be achieved by a company through many concrete choices. It is essential with our actions to always take paths that are directed towards a reduction of environmental impact. This is a key element, and we have committed to making it real from the very first step in wood processing: the selection of the raw material.

What sustainaibility is about

Some words have a deeper meaning to us than others. These are the words that have a place in our personal vocabulary and guide our work towards continuous improvement, towards change. Sustainability is one of them.