What sustainaibility is about

Some words have a deeper meaning to us than others. These are the words that have a place in our personal vocabulary and guide our work towards continuous improvement, towards change. Sustainability is one of them. We like to think of it as of a compass that shows us the way when making our business decisions, choosing our working method, and offering our customers help to develop their projects. Partnering with us means supporting sustainability, which is why we have decided to spend a couple of lines on it.

The origin of the word “sustainability”

To understand the deeper meaning of this word, which is now part of our daily language, we shall take a step back and try to find out more about its origin. Although sustainability today is a very frequent word in advertisements and campaigns of companies from many different industries, few people know its true origin. “Sustainability” comes from the English word “sustain”, which in music indicates the pedal of the piano that is pressed to allow notes to ring out for longer. The word is evocative of something that lasts over time and stands the test of time, as opposed to disposable economy. Sustainability embraces all processes and products that look to the future and were originally created choosing materials and production methods that are respectful of the environment.

Being a sustainable company

Manufacturing sustainable items and furniture is not enough, though. The company must be sustainable as a whole. This was the prompt leading to the reorganization of each aspect of our production process, from the choice and procurement of raw materials (FSC® certified wood) to the reuse of wood scraps and the use of composite materials, such as MDF or chipboard. We have adopted a systemic approach to maximise recycling, to minimise waste, and to reduce consumptions. At the same time, our new system supports the design of products intended to be used over time, mended or recycled again in the environment or on the market, according to the principles of circular economy.

The advantage of a sustainable approach

Focusing on a sustainable approach together as partners means enjoying a lot of advantages when manufacturing design pieces or furniture. These advantages include:

  • nature will not be exploited – we only take what we need;
  • projects and objects are designed to last over time;
    items and furniture, including those of everyday use, are given new prestige;
  • environmental certifications can be boasted for all manufacturing steps, from the very beginning of the process;
  • you join a virtuous cycle of companies that pursue similar goals.

Our commitment? To combine the importance of preserving the environment and wood as a raw material, offering at the same time a functional and effective service to our customers in a win-win relationship where we all improve.


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